The Basics

Benefits of Yoga

The harmonizing effects of yoga upon body, mind and spirit are immediately noticeable. The practice of yoga restores the nervous system which calms and centers your energy, resulting in a clearer mind. Yoga balances the endocrine system, allowing the glandular network to flow with efficiency which increases health and vitality. Yoga develops mobility and strength in equilibrium, increasing flexibility while toning the muscles. Balance improves and the ability to respond skillfully to stress increases. Yoga is an antidote for depression and an effective way to channel and resolve deeply held emotions. Yoga helps to re-pattern neuro pathways in the brain which liberates the practitioner from negative habits and addictions giving the yogi a new lease on life.

What to Expect

The Yoga Center is upstairs in the Nugget building. At the top of the steps you will see a hallway straight ahead where there are coat hooks and a bench to remove your shoes. Please line your shoes neatly down the hallway. Hang your jacket on the hooks. You can change in the bathroom if you need to. (It's the last door on the right down the wooden hallway). If you have any valuables we recommend bringing them into the studio to be stored in the cubbies.

Once you come in- You will be greeted by the teacher who will sign you in, take payment and let you know what props you need for class. (All provided). You can rent a mat if needed. Be sure to let the teacher know if it is your first time or if you have any injuries or medical conditions we should know about.

Find your spot and relax on your mat until class begins.

Classes range from 60-90 minutes.

Classes generally begin with breath awareness and the harmonizing of energies. Sometimes classes begin with the chanting of the sound OM. If this is new to you you are welcome to just listen or chant internally without sound. The sound helps to unify the energy of all the different folks who have arrived from their busy lives into the present moment. Om is considered the original mantra and represents the essence of all life. Maybe give it a try and notice the effects.

Please- don't be self conscious. As a student you are allowed to not know what you are doing. That is why you are here. The studio is a place to explore, discover and be curious. New learning equals new pathways in the mind and body. So enjoy being a beginner. Advanced practitioners are always trying to come back to "beginner's mind" so you are already ahead of the game just as you are!

What You Need

  • A sticky mat. Mats are available to rent for $2. Please wipe down the mat after class with the mat spray and a clean cloth which can be found in the cubby at the back of the room.
  • Clothing in which you can move freely
  • Water Bottle

More Tips

  • Do not practice yoga for 3 hours after a heavy meal, or 1 hour after a snack

  • Sticky mats work the best with bare feet, so it is best to remove your socks
  • We do provide filtered water