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Kundalini 101...And Beyond

This workshop will provide clarity to anyone curious about the lineage of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This path for modern life can enrich and transform your personal and communal well-being through the use of mantra, mudra, breath, body locks, postures, and meditation, Kundalini Yoga offers a true experience of the highest self.⁣

This month we will focus on how to lift up your own energy, dispel negative energy, and uplift others through your practice. We will participate in a 31 minute meditation called Jupiter Kriya.

Here are some words from Yogi Bhajan on this specific practice: "This kriya, called Jupiter Kriya, brings prosperity home. It is powerful enough to clear out the garbage in your subconscious mind. Your own electromagnetic psyche shall be tuned in with the Universal electromagnetic field.”

Plenty of time for Q&A, and discussion. All are welcome!

This monthly series will continue through June, on the first Saturday of the month.⁣⁣

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