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Summer Solstice Celebration

Special Ritual Class: Tuesday June 20th, 8:30am-10:15am
Join TYC co-owner and Prana Vinyasa teacher, Kristin Taylor, for this ritual practice to honor the auspicious energy of Summer Solstice.

108 Sun/Moon Salutations- A Moving Mala (Prayer)

This class celebrates the peak of the sun's light. It is the opportunity to mark a special juncture in time and move in meditation and homage to the inner light of vitality, intellect, transformation, digestion and assimilation. We will send powerful dedications into all aspects of the Self, a sacred offering and cultivation of energy, life force and focus to align with our highest vibration. Part endurance...part meditation ...completely empowering. Utilizing the magic of Vinyasa we will dedicate four sets of 27 Namaskars (salutations), each set dedicated to important aspects of the Self.

*Sun Salutations can be modified. We will discuss the options and modifications at the beginning so that you can find your moving prayer that supports the present state of you.

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