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ShaamaahS Pranic Oscillations

ShaamaahS is a solo project developed simply through a desire to create a primordial sound that has the ability to engage a phenomenon called “sympathetic resonance”. This primordial sound meditation involves Kargyraa / Dag Kargyaa Throat Singing, matched octave Chakra specific Singing Bowls and a Shruti Box. This is performed solo and in unison.


The Kargyraa singing is in the style of the Gyume, and Gyuto Tibetan monastic traditions. The use of "drone" instruments from different cultures creates a unique encompassing sound that allows for a sympathetic resonance. Each instrument used in this meditation when combined is something that when experienced is very unique and quite powerful at each progressive level of energy body development.


The goal of these sound meditations is to simply perform and provide a meditation that has the potential to relax, improve health, explore inwards and reach the true "teacher" within all of us.

Costs: $25

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