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Introduction to Katonah Yoga

Day 1: A recipe. A taste. 

We will spend two hours cooking up a  Katonah Yoga practice guided by savory language, Katonah Yoga’s central metaphors, and poetically precise alignment to locate Self, refine your frame and flush your organs. Peppered with pranayam to pump glands- get a tastes for the practice, cultivate personal measure and perhaps leave with a new recipe. 


Day 2: The Imaginative Breath: Metaphors, Myth and Magic of Katonah Yoga. 
Humans are metaphor making machines. From the most elaborate allocutions to pragmatic prelections, these abstract analogies allow for overlap of and expansion within our frame of reference so that we may receive, perceive, absorb, express, relate, and participate in a shared reality. 

Katonah Yoga uses an ancient chinese grid of numbers called the Magic Square as a map and a tool to pragmatize esoteric knowledge and universal principal, to orient oneself in time and space through creative and yogic technique.

Quilting the theories inherent in the magic square with the metaphor of 'our body as our home' gives rise to a richly equipped blueprint of our implicit territory.  

The Magic Square presenting as  9 rooms in a house yields a vast appendix of associations through familiar objectivity to enhance our interaction with Self, both physical and metaphysical. 

In this workshop, we will use pranayama and yoga nidra techniques to metaphorically move through each room for insight and joy.

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