Practicing Respect

When entering this sacred space


  • Remove your shoes before entering. Stack them neatly in the wooden hallway.

  • Turn off your cell phone.

  • Do your best to observe silence in the studio.
  • Be on time: If you are late PLEASE enter quietly after the OM and be mindful of the sacred experience of those around you. 
  • Check in before class -Please sign the liability waiver legibly, specify your payment type and sign your name. It is always best to pay before class begins.
  • Avoid slapping your mat down upon unrolling.
  • Avoid wearing perfume or scented products to class- Deep breathing through the nose is practiced here and you may unknowingly ruin someone else's experience who may be sensitive to your scent.
  • Stay home and rest if you have the flu or a cold.
  • Make time for a short savasana even if you have to leave early. - It is important for the integration of your practice and the restoration of the nervous system.
  • Breathe Love
  • Smile Often

We are happy you are here!