The Owners

 Kristin Taylor and Albert Roer- Owners since 2011

 Kristin Taylor and Albert Roer-
Owners since 2011

The Telluride Yoga Center was originally founded in 1999 by inspired local yogini Melanie Law. The shala has been at the heart of the Telluride community ever since. While the space has seen a few owners in that time, TYC has always been loved, maintained and upheld by committed locals.

Albert Roer and Kristin Taylor forged a partnership in 2011, hand picked by the previous owners to steward this very special place. They happily accepted the responsibility of ownership and the studio has continued to flourish and support the health, vitality, and consciousness of the Telluride community and visitors alike. TYC is dedicated to create an inclusive environment for all. The energy of the space is often noted upon stepping over the threshold.
"It's magical."

Please come see and feel the one of a kind experience that the Telluride Yoga Center provides. All are welcome here.